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Summer is right around the corner, Hunties!

You know what that means … time for new trunks and new trade.  And it’s definitely time to make sure your body grooming is in order!

Check out my new column on OUT.com and get all the ‘T‘ on what turns your man on and what he’ll leave your ass for when it comes to body hair!

Favorite Bitch • Atlanta


After the first 90 days of bliss, you can easily go from Drunk In Love to Stupid In Love … once your new lover stops being on their best behavior!

Read all about it in this week’s featured Favorite Bitch for David Atlanta Magazine!

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Favorite Bitch • Chicago


Do you have a ROOMMATE from HELL?

Read about these fools in this week’s featured Favorite Bitch for GRAB Magazine!

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Miss Tiger on SiriusXM OutQ!


Join me March 24th on the Derek and Romaine Show!

This month’s #FavoriteBitch is all about sex dolls … from old school blow-ups to lifelike Japanese Love Dolls.

What do you think about it?  Have you fucked one?  Would you fuck one?  And most of all … would you dress it up and take it to an Easter family dinner?

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Favorite Bitch • Atlanta


Need a fresh start?

Then pick up this week’s featured Favorite Bitch® column in David Atlanta Magazine.  We all need a clean slate every now and then … and Miss Tiger is just the bitch to give you one!

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Favorite Bitch • Atlanta


This week’s featured Favorite Bitch® column is from David Atlanta Magazine.  The hilarious installment is for the ladies … well, then again, you straight boys could learn a thing or two as well!

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Favorite Bitch • Minneapolis


Cheaters Beware!

This week’s Favorite Bitch comes to you from SCENE Magazine in Minneapolis … enjoy!

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Favorite Bitch • ATL


This week’s featured syndicated Favorite Bitch® column is in DAVID ATLANTA!  Get a dose of sibling rivalry and the “Twisted Sister!”

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Miss Tiger’s Valentine’s Day Must-Haves!

Valentine’s Day should begin with RE-GIFTING:  Re-gifting your dick, ass, pussy or titties!  (Whichever applies – and in some cases, it’s all of the above, hunty!)  This kind of re-gifting brings a whole new meaning to Valentines Day – and it’s sure as hell better than any discount candy, raggedy roses or a tired movie night.

But I know some of you bitches just have to shop, so here are a few things I mentioned tonight on Derek and Romaine on Sirius XM OutQ that’s sure to spice up your sexy Valentines’s Day!

1.  Viper Butt Harness from MonroeLandToyStore.com  $25


Photo: MonroeLand

2.  Favorite Bitch t-shirt from Momotachi.com  $50


Photo: Momotachi

3.  A Date Night with a boy from RentBoy.com  $Ask Them

boomer-branks+bryannevins+9Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.41.07 PM

Boomer Banks and Nick Cross are the sexy boys I mentioned.  See them in your city and have some fun!

Photo: Bryan Nevin and Abel Cruz

4.  Assassin Mask from SlickItUp.com  $32


Photo: SlickItUp

5.  6″ Fuck Me Pump by from Versace.com  $1, 395


Photo: Versace


Favorite Bitch • Detroit


This week’s featured Favorite Bitch® column is in Detroit’s FLAME Magazine!  Get a dose of “Cheaters Beware!”

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